How to keep selected Radio button value after saved in jQuery

I have dynamic radio buttons in VBTML page and jQuery. I have 3 radio buttons and when i am selecting first/second radio button and click on save. The selected Radio button text is correctly saving into database. But in frontend it is not selecting the saved Radio button text. Always it is selecting last Radio button. Please see my code in below. Please help me how to keep checked the selected radio button option.

    For Each item In Model.StudentCourseLookup
    Dim itemName = item.Text
    @<input type="radio" name="CourseDetails" id="@itemName" class="cbxStudentCourse" />
            @<br />
End Code
              @Html.TextBoxFor(Function(m) m.StudentCourse, New With {.style = "display: none;"})

    <script type="text/javascript">

 if ($("#StudentCourse").val !== '') {
            var data1 = $("#StudentCourse").val();
            $.each(data1.split('|'), function (_, val) {
                if (val.length > 1) {
                    $(':input[name="CourseDetails"]').prop('checked', true);

function OStudentCourseSave() {

 var studentCourseList = ''
            $('.cbxStudentCourse').each(function (index, cbx) {
                if (this.checked === true) {
                    studentCourseList =;


 var sc= @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(Model)); //Getting model 

sc.StudentCourse = $("#StudentCourse").val();



The following piece of code is the problem:

if (val.length > 1) {
    $(':input[name="CourseDetails"]').prop('checked', true);

Since all the radio buttons have the same name you need to make it a bit more explicit and start using id’s since this is what you’re gathering anyway.

Try updating it to something like this to see if it helps:

$(':input[id="' + val + '"]').prop('checked', true);

Or even:

$('#' + val).prop('checked', true);