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I want to use nuxt@auth module and nuxt-i18n together. The problem appears when I want to have different routes for login page. For example:

pages: {
 login: {
  en: '/authorization',
  fr: '/autorisation'

Routes are working well, but when I try to use nuxt@auth with all page restricted, the default redirect asks for /login page. In nuxt.config.js file I can rewrite redirect route, but I can set only one redirect.

auth: {
 redirect: {
  login: '/fr/autorisation'

How can I show to auth module to ask for route of selected language? Thanks in advance!


It seems that there was a solution for that problem, but I can’t access to onRedirect method in the current release.

I did a workaround. I added auth-lang-redirect.js plugin, which overrides redirect option defined in the nuxt.config.js file.

export default ({ app }) => {
  var redirect = app.$auth.$storage.options.redirect
  for (var key in redirect) {
    redirect[key] = '/' + app.i18n.locale + redirect[key]
  app.$auth.$storage.options.redirect = redirect

Notice that I don’t use nuxt-i18n module, but you should get the point. You have to register this plugin in nuxt.config.js like this:

auth: {
    strategies: { ... },
    redirect: {
      login: '/login',
      logout: '/',
      callback: '/login',
      home: '/user/profile'
    plugins: ['@/plugins/auth-lang-redirect.js']
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