How to make pagination sit at the bottom of the page inside the tab?

I have page with tabs. Each tab has their own pagination. But I have problem in putting the pagination at the bottom of the tab. The current pagination that I have right now is sit above. I want to change it and put the pagination at the bottom of the tab page. How do change it in order to achieve the output that I want ?

this is my current pagination enter image description here

<div class="tab-pane fade show active" id="category_1" role="tabpanel" aria-labelledby="category_1-tab">
      <ul class="pagination justify-content-center pagination" id="page_1"></ul>

if(cat === 1 )
                <div class="accordion-item">
                    <a onclick="getDetail('${}')" class="accordion-head collapsed" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#accordion-item-${index}">
                        <h6 class="title">${e.title}</h6>
                        <span class="accordion-icon"></span>
                    <div class="accordion-body collapse" id="accordion-item-${index}" data-parent="#accordion">
                        <div class="accordion-inner" id="details_${e.kb_id}">



How do I make the pagination sit at the bottom of the list inside the tab ?


Replace $("#category_1-tab").append( … by $("#category_1-tab").prepend( …

prepend will insert your div.accordion-item before the <br><div> instead of adding at the end.