How to make screen reader say tab when a tab is created? [closed]

If this question has been already asked, let me know.

I am a web developer and I want to make my website accessible to blind users. I know they use a screen reader to read the text on the screen and write. What I am struggle is that how can a screen reader read tabs and buttons? Is there a way for screen reader to read tabs and buttons? If I have a tab called “food”, will it read “food tab”? Thanks for helping!


I’m not pro and I might be wrong but this idea came up my mind.

As you know there are some libraries on backend side depending on what language do you use. If your aplication’s interface is not very changable, you can get a simple screenshot and read it with doing these things:

  • First you can convert that screenshot to binary by using methods like binaryReader and ReadBytes.
  • Then you can turn that variable into a string. When you do that, you can check if it has “food” and if it is a tab, you can add the word “tab” into near of your string’s content.
  • And then you can turn it from text to speech by using specific libraries like System.Speech.Synthesis.

But I must say this is obviously not a best solution. And I’m so sorry if I’m talking nonsense. I’m new at here.

Hope you’ll find the best.

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