How to mock only one method using Sinon?

I’ve got a single method in my namespace that I’d like to mock, but I’d prefer that all the others work normally. Is it possible to have sinon mock a specific method while leaving the others the same?

My understanding is I’m not looking for a spy because I want to assert that the mock was called with specific parameters.

Here’s my code in CoffeeScript:

root.targeting.handleUnitsAttack = (gameState) ->
  units = gameState.heroes.concat(gameState.badGuys)
  for source in units
    for target in units
      gameState = root.targeting.sourceAttackTarget(gameState, source, target)

I’d like to mock sourceAttackTarget and verify that its arguments are specific values.


Yes, that is one of the most common uses cases for sinon@2, but I believe that what you are looking for is neither a mock nor a spy, but instead a stub.


var stub = sinon.stub(object, "foo");
//do your assertions
stub.restore(); //back to normal now.

This will allow you to create a default function that replaces

From your question, however, it sounds like a no-op stub function is not what you are after, and instead want to override it with a custom function of your own:

var stub = sinon.stub(object, "foo", function customFoo() { /* ... */ });
//do your assertions
stub.restore(); //back to normal now.



How to stub a single function:

The following stubs object.sourceAttackTarget()

var stub = sinon.stub(object, "sourceAttackTarget", function sourceAttackTargetCustom(gameState, source, target) {
    //do assertions on gameState, source, and target
    // ...
    return customReturn;
//do any further assertions
stub.restore(); //back to normal now.

How to stub a function to test for particular parameters

var stub = sinon.stub(object, "sourceAttackTarget");
stub.withArgs(1, "foo", "bar").returns("correctTarget");
var output = object.sourceAttackTarget(gameState, source, target);
equal(output, "correctTarget", 'sourceAttackTarget invoked with the right arguments');
//do any further assertions
stub.restore(); //back to normal now.


There is also .calledWith() and .calledWithMatch(), which I just found out about. Could also prove quite useful for these sorts of tests.

How to mock just one method for an object:

“Mocks come with built-in expectations that may fail your test. Thus, they enforce implementation details. The rule of thumb is: if you wouldn’t add an assertion for some specific call, don’t mock it. Use a stub instead. In general you should never have more than one mock (possibly with several expectations) in a single test.” – source

… so for the question asked above, a mock is not the right thing to use, and a stub is the appropriate choice. That being said, one of the scenarios can be tested easily with a mock, and that is the expectation that a method has been called with a particular set of arguments.

var mock = sinon.mock(object);
mock.expects("sourceAttackTarget").withArgs(1, "foo", "bar");
object.sourceAttackTarget(gameState, source, target);
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