How to only print get data from console log arrarys that have a sub item with a string

I am building a movie website and with a movie id, I get lots of info about a movie that I can display as HTML. When I go to get videos for a specific movie however it returns many arrary items each containing an item called type="", where this could equal either Featurette, Clip or Trailer. How can I only print out the array items with the type="Trailer".

Here is the javascript code for getting a movie with the id of 451048:

           "" + movieId + "/videos?api_key=1350e4528ff8559ef2b0fa6679f97d84&language=en-US"
       .then((response) => {
           //puts the array of movies into the variable
           let videos =;
           let output = "";
           $.each(videos, (index, video) => {
               output += `
                  <div class="col-md-4">
                    <div class="well text-center">
                        <iframe width="420" height="315"
           //prints the movies on the div with the class movies
       .catch((err) => {

And this is the console log:

{data: {…}, status: 200, statusText: "", headers: {…}, config: {…}, …}
config: {url: "…y=1350e4528ff8559ef2b0fa6679f97d84&language=en-US", method: "get", headers: {…}, transformRequest: Array(1), transformResponse: Array(1), …}
id: 451048
results: Array(7)
  id: "60e83f52b76cbb00461e9440"
  iso_639_1: "en"
  iso_3166_1: "US"
  key: "aYSy8guUUV0"
  name: "Jungle Cruise Featurette - Big Adventure (2021) | Movieclips Trailers"
  official: false
  published_at: "2021-07-07T17:51:17.000Z"
  site: "YouTube"
  size: 1080
  type: "Featurette"
[[Prototype]]: Object
  id: "60e62f666bdec3004615a7b2"
  iso_639_1: "en"
  iso_3166_1: "US"
  key: "W1vKz21UvX4"
  name: "Disney’s Jungle Cruise | July 30"
  official: true
  published_at: "2021-07-01T21:22:30.000Z"
  site: "YouTube"
  size: 1080
  type: "Trailer"
  [[Prototype]]: Object

As you can see, I only want console data from the above javascript of let movies =; to be console array’s that have the type="Trailer"

Answer commented the correct answer (I don’t know how to highlight his comment because I’m new to StackOverflow) which was:

let videos = => m.type === "Trailer");

Not sure what the m is in the code (it would be great if someone could explain it to me)