how to pass attribute in argument to a function

i want to create function to apply any attribute or function to all selectors what is the correct way to do it

function applyToAll(elm,func)
   let i = elm.length; while (i--) { elm[i].func; }

  li = document.querySelectorAll("li");
  hide = style.display = "none";

  applyToAll(li,hide) // Uncaught ReferenceError: style is not defined

i can pass the property direct like this

let i = elm.length; while (i--) { elm[i].style.display = "none"; }

but i want let function dynamic so i can use for example :

prop = innerHTML = "<b>something</b>";
let i = elm.length; while (i--) { elm[i].prop }


Two changes:

function applyToAll(elm, func) {
    let i = elm.length;
    while (i--) {
        func(elm[i])  // <---

li = document.querySelectorAll("li");
hide = e => = "none";  // <---

applyToAll(li, hide)

Change 1: func is not a method, and cannot be called with a dot

Change 2: just style.display = ... is an expression which is evaluated immediately, on the other side, e => is a function which is evaluated on call.

As a side note, querySelectorAll returns a NodeList which already provides forEach which is exactly what your function does, up to the order of the application.

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