How to send an error object from content script to background script?

I’m trying to send an error event object from the content script:

catch (error) {
    chrome.runtime.sendMessage(, error);

to the background script:

chrome.runtime.onMessage.addListener((msg, sender, sendResponse) => {

in order to log it there with the full stack trace and all the relevant data,
but it always arrives as undefined.
I tried to JSON.Stringify the error and send it in an object, but it arrives as an empty object.

From enter image description here

If I’m sending error.message and error.stack separately, creating a new Error object works fine:

let error = new Error();
error.message = msg.message
error.stack = msg.stack;

How can I send the error object and receive it as-is?


You can’t send the error “as-is”, since the error object will not survive the async call – it will have gone out of scope. The reason JSON.stringify doesn’t work is that the properties of the error are not enumerable because they belong to the error object’s prototype chain – they aren’t “owned properties”. See this answer for a discussion and solution. Basically, you need to copy the properties of the error object to a new object and pass that.

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