How to stream data using promises? Code Answer

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How can I stream data using promises.

I have two different functions in two different files. In one calls an API service and that returns a promise.

  async myPromise(){
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
          resolve ("pending");
          // error handling

In another file I have a function like so:

  async myPromise2(){
        // how can I get 'pending' here?
    }).then(data =>{
        // how can I get data fromncallToAnotherAPI() here?

I want to know that the api has been called and that it is in ‘pending’ state. How can I achieve this?


Stream is just an async iterator… So we could just use callback, much like node.js

function myPromise(cl) {
    cl(null, "pending")
    setTimeout(() => {
        cl(null, "data")
    }, 2000);

function myPromise2() {
    myPromise((err, data) => {

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