How to style function-plot.js

Im using function-plot.js lib to draw some functions and I want to match the theme im using. I wnat to change grid,label’s color but coudnt find proper documentaion.


To change the color of a function:

  target: "#root",
  yAxis: { domain: [-1, 9] },
  grid: true,
  data: [
      fn: "x^2",
      derivative: {
        fn: "2 * x",
        updateOnMouseMove: true
      color: "32cb74" // add a color value
    {fn: "x+1", color: "#ffffff"},

this can be any hex value.

You can style the grid, background, etc. in a css file. Example:

.function-plot {
 background: #fafafa // background color of the whole graph

.x.axis .tick line {
 stroke: aqua; // color of the vertical lines

To get the css selectors you can inspect the graph using devtools.