How to test raw loaded data with React

I need to load javascript raw data from a .js file. I have this helper to do such thing:

import {
} from "./reduce-function-garbage";

// eslint-disable-next-line import/no-webpack-loader-syntax
export const getRawChallenge = num =>

When I try to run the tests, I get the following error:

Code error

How can I test a file which imports RAW data? I’ve tried with jest-raw-loader ( but it didn’t work for me.

Anyone who could point me to the right direction?


you can mock your files like this

jest.mock(`!raw-loader!../challenges/4.js`, () => 'hello-raw-data');

in case they don’t exists you can provide { virtual: true }

jest.mock(`!raw-loader!../challenges/4.js`, () => 'hello-raw-data', {
  virtual: true,

working example