How to use correctly JSON.stringify with an PHP returned JS object

I have a php script which executes a python script and I got back an object like this:

{'data': [{'article title', 'article description', 'timestamp', 'weburl'}], 'status': 200, 'answers': [1]} 

As I know I have to transform this into a javascript JSON from a javascript object type.

And I tried like

myjs = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(answer))



or even just concatenate with "on the beginning and at the end. But neither got me a good result. So what is the correct way? or should I change something on php side?

The php part is simply this:

    if ($_GET['times'] == 0) {
        $command = escapeshellcmd('python3 '. $_GET['subject']);
        $output = json_encode(shell_exec($command));
        header('Content-type: application/json');
        echo $output;

This is in my python script:

import requests
import json 
import html
import sys

requestpost ='NewsSource')
response_data = requestpost.json()

data = []
status = 0
answers = 0
out = {"data":[], "status":[], "answers":[0]}

searchterm = sys.argv[1]

error = 0

if requestpost.status_code == 200:
    out["status"] = 200
    for news in response_data["news"]:
            currentNews = json.loads(news)
            if ((html.unescape(currentNews["title"]) != "Array" and html.unescape(currentNews["title"]).lower().find(searchterm.lower()) != -1) or (html.unescape(currentNews["description"]).lower().find(searchterm.lower()) != -1)):         
                outnews = {html.unescape(currentNews["timestamp"]), html.unescape(currentNews["title"]), html.unescape(currentNews["description"]), html.unescape(currentNews["link"])}
                out["answers"][0] = out["answers"][0] +1
            error += 1
    out["status"] = 404

print (out)


Change the Python script so it prints JSON instead of Python format.


However, sets aren’t in JSON, so change outnews to a list.

outnews = [html.unescape(currentNews["timestamp"]), html.unescape(currentNews["title"]), html.unescape(currentNews["description"]), html.unescape(currentNews["link"])]

Then the PHP script can simply return that to the client.

    if ($_GET['times'] == 0) {
        $command = escapeshellcmd('python3 '. $_GET['subject']);
        header('Content-type: application/json');

If passthru() isn’t working, you can try with your original shell_exec(). You don’t need to call json_encode() because it’s already encoded.

    if ($_GET['times'] == 0) {
        $command = escapeshellcmd('python3 '. $_GET['subject']);
        $output = shell_exec($command);
        header('Content-type: application/json');
        echo $output;