How would i create n no of chunks from an array of dynamic length javascript

I have an array of n length(dynamic) say 830… I want this array to be split in sub-array such in the manner [0,100],[100,200]…..[800,829] i.e in equal no of chunks How would I execute this??

I have tried below code so far with reference of this answer

var i,j,chunk = 10;
for (i=0,j=array.length; i<j; i+=chunk) {
    temparray = array.slice(i,i+chunk);

But As described my array will be the dynamic i.e dynamic length if 380. and if no. of a chunk is 100 then have to return 80 at the end


You can try this

function chunk(orig) {
  var n = Math.floor(orig.length / 100);
  var evenChunks = new Array(n).fill(0).reduce((agg, curr, index) => {
    agg.push(orig.splice(0, 100))
    return agg;
  }, []);

  return [].concat(evenChunks, [ orig ]);

You can then call like,

chunk(new Array(830).fill(0))