Identify which chartJs chart was clicked on

I have several charts on a page. They are created dynamically. I need to identify in the click event, or somehow, which chartwas clicked on.

Maybe it’s parent element? The canvas ‘canvas1’ or ‘canvas2′ or ..’canvas10’,is in a bootstrap column of id ‘col1’ or ‘col2′ or ..’col10’ I can’t get to pass a parameter via the click function

onClick: OnDrillDownClick(evt, canvasIdParam)

Each chart of course has a different canvas but all are defined as demoChart.

var canvasChart = $("#canvas" + canvasId).get(0).getContext("2d");
demoChart = new Chart(canvasChart,

Using the ‘OnClick’ function provided, e.g.

function OnDrillDownClick(evt)
    var activePoints = demoChart.getElementsAtEvent(evt);

I just need to identify which chart was clicked on as I keep an array of the created charts i.e.

var chartRec = {
        CanvasId: canvasId,
        Chart: demoChart


Many thanks


You can get the canvas id from the click event like this:

var options = {
  type: 'line',
  data: {
    labels: ["Red", "Blue", "Yellow", "Green", "Purple", "Orange"],
    datasets: [{
        label: '# of Votes',
        data: [12, 19, 3, 5, 2, 3],
        borderWidth: 1
        label: '# of Points',
        data: [7, 11, 5, 8, 3, 7],
        borderWidth: 1
  options: {
    onClick: (evt) => {

var ctx = document.getElementById('chartJSContainer').getContext('2d');
new Chart(ctx, options);
  <canvas id="chartJSContainer" width="600" height="400"></canvas>
  <script src="" integrity="sha512-hZf9Qhp3rlDJBvAKvmiG+goaaKRZA6LKUO35oK6EsM0/kjPK32Yw7URqrq3Q+Nvbbt8Usss+IekL7CRn83dYmw==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

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