if else question mark in reactjs

I am having an error with if else question mark in react.

  let skillSetStr = useSkillset(userInfo.Skills);
  // In some cases the db returns the userInfo in different objects.
  // For now this fixes the problem.
  if (userInfo.Skills === undefined) {
    skillSetStr = skillStr;

        {skillSetStr ?
          <div className="user-preview-info">
            <div className="grid-item">Skillsets:</div>
            <div className="grid-item user-preview-info_data">
              {userInfo.Skills ?
                    (skillName, index) => <div key={index} className="user-skill"> {skillName.skill} </div>
                : <div>Unspecified</div>}
          </div> : ""}

So in if else condition it’s suppose return “Unspecified” for in but instead it’s return null.

Here is how my project look like: enter image description here

How can I fix this error?


If it is saying that the array is undefined you can check it isn’t empty before getting its length with “option chaining”.

It would look like this:

userInfo?.Skills?.length > 0 this removes the need to do two checks.