Is Google Chrome’s V8 engine really that good? [closed]

Does anyone have time to take a look at it?

I’ve read a bit and it promises a lot, if it’s half what they say, it’ll change web Development a lot


I have compared Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 and Google Chrome on SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark with the following results:

  • Firefox – total: 2900.0ms +/- 1.8%
  • Chrome – total: 1549.2ms +/- 1.7%

and on V8 Benchmark Suite with the following results (higher score is better):

  • Firefox – score: 212
  • Chrome – score: 1842

and on Web Browser Javascript Benchmark with the following results:

  • Firefox – total duration: 362 ms
  • Chrome – total duration: 349 ms

Machine: Windows XP SP2, Intel Core2 DUO T7500 @ 2.2 Ghz, 2 GB RAM

All blog posts and articles that I’ve read so far also claim that V8 is clearly the fastest JavaScript engine out there. See for example – V8, TraceMonkey, SquirrelFish, IE8 BenchMarks

“… Needless to say, Chrome’s V8 blows away all the current builds of the next-generation of JavaScript VMs. Just to be clear, WebKit and FireFox engines haven’t even hit beta, but it looks like the performance bar has just been set to an astronomical height by the V8 Team.”