Java-script create columns and rows based on user input

This is a JavaScript homework question that has taken me far too long to search the web to figure out. Based on learning loops, while, do while, and for loops. I am to:

Prompt the user for a number of rows and a number of columns. Using the * output the * character in the row and column pattern requested by the user. If the user requests 2 rows and 2 columns you should output:



Code thus far:

\ var row = prompt(“How many rows?”) var column = prompt(“How many columns?”) \

I would appreciate the guidance that could lead me to the answer.


Given that you have mentioned the output is in the form of a table, we use two loops here. The first one is to append every row and the nested loop is to append every column. colData.innerHTML = "*" gives the value/pattern that’s supposed to be included in each column.
In the html file, this entire table is appended into the element that has pattern as its ID attribute.

let table = document.createElement('table');
let tbody = document.createElement('tbody');


var row = prompt("How many rows?");
var column = prompt("How many columns?");

for(let i = 0 ; i< row; i++){
    let rowVal = document.createElement('tr');
    for(let j = 0; j< column; j++){
        let colData = document.createElement('td');
        colData.innerHTML = "*";