JavaScript getter for all properties

Long story short: I’m in a situation where I’d like a PHP-style getter, but in JavaScript.

My JavaScript is running in Firefox only, so Mozilla specific JS is OK by me.

The only way I can find to make a JS getter requires specifying its name, but I’d like to define a getter for all possible names. I’m not sure if this is possible, but I’d very much like to know.


Proxy can do it! I’m so happy this exists!! An answer is given here: Is there a javascript equivalent of python’s __getattr__ method? . To rephrase in my own words:

var x = new Proxy({}, {
  get(target, name) {
    return "Its hilarious you think I have " + name

console.log( // logs: "Its hilarious you think I have hair"

Proxy for the win! Check out the MDN docs:

Works in chrome, firefox, and node.js. Downsides: doesn’t work in IE – freakin IE. Soon.