Javascript problem with logical operations and greater than

Hello I am learning JS and I have a question, I have made simple algorithm to check “if something”. My question is about this line if(dolphins && koalas > minimumScore). It seems to me illogical, but it works in a way I want. Because in beginning I wanted to check if dolphins or koalas > minimumScore (So I used ||). But when I set both teams to value under 100 it kept going to the next if block and else if but not to else statement. So I had to use && and it works, it goes to the else if both teams are under 100 and goes to the next ‘if’ when at least one team is higher than 100.

let dolphins = 11;
let koalas = 11
const minimumScore = 100

if(dolphins && koalas > minimumScore){
    if(koalas > dolphins){
        console.log(`Koalas won! {$koalas}`)
    } else if(koalas===dolphins){
    } else {
        console.log('dolphins won!')
} else{
    console.log('no team won')


So (dolphins && koalas > minimumScore) is not checking if dolphins is greater than minimumScore and koalas is greater than minimum score. It is checking if dolphins is “truthy” and if koalas is greater than minimumScore. if you want to check that one or the other are greater than minimum score you must write.

(dolphins > minimumScore || koalas > minimumScore)

more about truthy values