Jest Mock User Module in All Test Files

Is there a way to make it so that jest always mocks my modules so I don’t need to include it in all my jest tests?

Currently I have a config file

// src/__mocks__/config.js 
export default {
  dbConfig: 'TestDBConfiguration'

// src/config.js
export default {
  dbConfig: ... // Some other stuff

To run my unit tests I have to use the mocked config.js. Currently in all my unit tests I have to include jest.mock(‘../config’);

// org.test.js
import db from '../db';              // This internally uses the config file
import otherFile from '../otherFile'; // This also uses the config file

// Code that calls both db/otherFile

Sometimes when I create a test I might forget to include jest.mock(‘../config’) which is one of the reasons why I want it included in all my tests.

I’ve looked into enabling automock but it seems to break my tests instead.


You can add setupFiles or setupFilesAfterEnv into your jest configuration to run before all your tests.

// package.json
"jest": {
  "setupFiles": "./src/setupTests.js"

// setupTests.js
jest.mock('config'); // Path to config file

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