JMeter – using substring on a user variable

Using jmeter, I have a variable passed from CSV file (using CSV Data Set Config), and I’d like to use a substring of it in an http request.

i.e. variable TIME=23:40, request paramaters are hour and minute, so I want to extract appropriate parts, in the HTTP Request.

I read you could use javascript, so for the hour, I tried ${TIME}.substring(0,2) , which didn’t look as though it would work, and sure enough it didn’t.

How do I do this?


You can do that by calling javascript function inline

Ex :



  1. create user defined variables sample
  2. create variable called myTime(or anything you want)
  3. create beanshell sampler, choose beanshell as language in it then:

    String tempTime = vars.get("myTime");
    String newTime = tempTime.substring(0,2);     
    vars.put("newTime", newTime);

use ${newTime} variable in your request

Edited according to the other answer. Comma needs to be quoted.