Library for Additional touch events

While on an iOS device, we get events like touchstart, touchmove,… end, gesturestart, …move and ..end out of the box..
I wanted to know which free library can be used to get/listen to additional events e.g. Swipe, scrolling related, etc

I know Sencha touch is the best..But before you say that, I wanted to tell that I am looking for a free library..

Also, can we get to know the code for the default implementation.. e.g. When we do the 1-finger slide, the page scrolls automatically.. But there must be some code to do that.. Can we know the code which does that ?


Some quick googling found these:

(and even faster skimming led me to believe that the second one is better)

However it should be noted thatall those ‘touch’ events are actually other events in disguise: