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I have two functions that save variables to LocalStorage. The first one saves a variable, “money”, but the second doesn’t. The global variable “money” does not get assigned.

function saveVars() {
    localStorage.setItem('money', money);

function loadVars() {
    var money = localStorage.getItem('money');


From your example, I can assume two alternatives :

1) you want to “load” the value into a global variable named “money” ? Your code doesn’t work because you declare a local variable “money” that only exists within the function loadVars. Don’t declare your variable (i.e. do not add the keyword var or any equivalent in the function). The assignment money = … will assign to the global variable “money” only if there is no other variable named “money” in a more specific scope — and it will do so even if the global variable was not declared.

function loadVars() {
    money = localStorage.getItem('money');

2) you want loadVars to return the value of the stored variable ? and then you can assign that to a global:

function loadVars() {
    return localStorage.getItem('money');

var money = loadVars();
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