Looping through list items with jQuery

I have this block of code

listItems = $("#productList").find("li");

        for (var li in listItems) {
            var product = $(li);
            var productid = product.children(".productId").val();
            var productPrice = product.find(".productPrice").val();
            var productMSRP = product.find(".productMSRP").val();

            totalItemsHidden.val(parseInt(totalItemsHidden.val(), 10) + 1);
            subtotalHidden.val(parseFloat(subtotalHidden.val()) + parseFloat(productMSRP));
            savingsHidden.val(parseFloat(savingsHidden.val()) + parseFloat(productMSRP - productPrice));
            totalHidden.val(parseFloat(totalHidden.val()) + parseFloat(productPrice));


and I’m not getting the desired results – totalItems is coming out as 180+ and the rest all NaN. I suspect its where i use var product = $(li); or perhaps with the expression on the loop itself. Either way – I need to loop through the <li> items in the <ul> labelled #productList


You need to use .each:

var listItems = $("#productList li");
listItems.each(function(idx, li) {
    var product = $(li);

    // and the rest of your code

This is the correct way to loop through a jQuery selection.

In modern Javascript you can also use a for .. of loop:

var listItems = $("#productList li");
for (let li of listItems) {
    let product = $(li);

Be aware, however, that older browsers will not support this syntax, and you may well be better off with the jQuery syntax above.