Meet condition from multiple text values in nodelist of a querySelectorAll

I have a nodelist with innerText. I am converting the innerText to an array.

Screen-shot of the nodelist:

Screen-shot of the nodelist

Below is my code:

var fltarr = []
for( z=0; z<document.querySelectorAll("div.flight-number").length; z++){

Now I am creating the if conditions as below but instead of using or || statement, is there another way to use for example coma separated etc to keep the code cleaner and not to clutter with too many ||.

Conditions for fltarr


You can try with Array.prototype.some()

var flatarr= Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("div.flight-number")).map(el => el.textContent);
console.log(flatarr.some(i => ['NH 96', 'NH 98'].includes(i)))
console.log(flatarr.some(i => i.match(/^NHs9[8|6]$/g)))
<div class="flight-number">NH 96</div>
<div class="flight-number">EY 871</div>
<div class="flight-number">NH 97</div>

For every match, try using Array.prototype.every()