Open Comment Reply Form On Button Click

I have a blog that has a reply form for each comment on the blog. I am trying to create a “Reply” button that would show the form once its clicked. Right now, if I click any “Reply” button it will only apply the hide style to the first button and the block style to the first div.


<div class="reply">
  <button id="replybutton" onclick="replybutton()">Click Me</button>
  <div id="replyform">


function replybutton() {
  document.getElementById("replyform").style.display = "block";
  document.getElementById("replybutton").style.display = "none";
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The id are supposed to be unique. So each form should have a unique id. You can use a common class to show/hide them.

When you click a button you should pass its reference to your onClick function like this onclick="replybutton(this) and modify your onClick function to target the button function replybutton(btn). If you want to show/hide your form you can use the nextElementSibling

See the jsFiddle

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