pulumi stuck at gcp.organizations.getIAMPolicy

We are using pulumi version 2.18.2 (we tried also with 1.14.1) with GCP provider to create IAM policy on a project.

Our code is stuck and we noticed that the issue comes from the following code (minimal reproducible example), that does not complete (“Is never displayed” log message is never displayed) :

console.log("Before operation that does not complete...");
const policyDataIAM = gcp.organizations.getIAMPolicy({
    bindings: []
console.log("Is never displayed");

pulumi up shows :

Before operation that does not complete…

After 1 hour, only this log appears.

Any idea or people who can reproduce the issue would be appreciated !


The issue cause is because we were using an old version of pulumi/gcp package. In package.json, we updated it from :

"dependencies": {
    "@pulumi/gcp": "^0.18.14"


"dependencies": {
    "@pulumi/gcp": "^4.9.0"

And now it works : it is not stuck at gcp.organizations.getIAMPolicy operation.

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