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I have a basic regex that should return string after the last backslash .

Regex :


Works fine in Regex101.

Output :


But not in Javascript example bellow :


Output :

[“C:akepathextra andom.html”, “C:akepathextra andom.html”, index: 0, input: “C:akepathextra andom.html”]


The problem is not with the RegEx, it’s with the string itself. In JavaScript strings is used to escape the following character.

The string


is after escaping


To use backslash in the string, escape them by preceding backslash.



To get the text after last , use String#split and Array#pop

"C:\fakepath\extra\random.html".split('\').pop() // random.html
                                          ^^ Note: this backslash also need to be escaped.
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