remove undefined label in the upper part of a chart

I am using Chart.js library in my project and I have one issue that I could’t solve. This label that describes what the data shown is about, is one info that I don’t actually need in my project. How can I remove it completely? In another chart I need to place it in the right side of the chart, but I can’t manage it. How can I solve these two problems that I have? At the moment my code looks like this:

type: 'bar',
    data: {
        labels: => moment("MMM Do")),
        datasets: [{
            data: => x.premium),
            backgroundColor: '#ffec87',
            borderColor: "#ffec87",
            borderWidth: 2,
            borderStyle: 'dotted'

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


I agree with LeeLenalee answer but I think you need this for aligning:

plugins: {
    legend: {
      align: 'end',