removing input field value by jquery

My problem is that the form automatically loads the value of field company name. However this is the required field.
I only want to remove the previous load value to be empty, and let the user to fill the input field.

For example previously when I filled the form I put value tadipar in the field, now the value tadipar is occurring for next time form filling also

I haven’t tried anything because I dont have any clue what to do with this? any suggestions so that i can do

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'company' => [
                'company_name'    => [
                    'label'       => __( 'Company name', 'wp-job-manager' ),
                    'label_two'       => __( 'Enter the name of the company', 'wp-job-manager' ),
                    'type'        => 'text',
                    'required'    => true,
                    //'placeholder' => __( 'Enter the name of the company', 'wp-job-manager' ),
                    'priority'    => 1,
                    'labelstar' =>  '*',

the field is coming from the object above, it doesn’t have value argument, that makes so difficult to find the code from 100000 files

additional informantion:- i am working on workscout wordpress theme, the from is built in wp-job-mananger plugin


I would recommend you to pass empty double-quotes in the placeholder, and value also empty.

'placeholder' => '',
'value' => ''

but due to some other possible functions autofilling this fields, you can always try this hardcore solution

type this in your console.log


and you’l see it working, and that proofs that something else ich mixing the code