Returning coordinates via AJAX

I’m trying to return value via AJAX. Below is the code that I put together based on some examples I found and it seems to work, but I think there’s a better way of doing it?

(async () => {
    const url = new URL("/ajax-page", window.location.origin);
    const headers = new Headers([
            "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8"

    const body = new URLSearchParams([
        ["sl", slug]
    const res = await fetch(url, {
        method: "POST",
    if (res.ok) {                                
        let mkr = await res.text();
            crd = mkr.split("|");  
            lat = crd[0],
            lon = crd[1];

          console.log(lat+' '+lon);

PHP (ajax-page)

// php magic gets values
echo  $mar['lat'].'|'.$mar['lon'];

Do I even need to use (async () => {…})(); anymore?


These lines:

lat = crd[0],
lon = crd[1];

are not variable declarations (because there’s no let keyword). It’s using the comma operator, so it’s equivalent to:

lat = (crd[0], lon = crd[1])

The comma operator returns the value of the second expression, so both lat and lon are being set to crd[1].

The cause of this problem is that you ended the previous two lines with ; rather than ,. The whole declaration should be:

        let mkr = await res.text(),
            crd = mkr.split("|"),
            lat = crd[0],
            lon = crd[1];

If you use your IDE’s auto-indent feature it would have shown that this isn’t grouped the way you intended.