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I recently got familiar with the Revealing Module pattern and I’ve read quite a few articles about it.

It seems like a very good pattern and I would like to start using it in a big project I have. In the project I’m using : Jquery, KO ,requirejs, Jquery Mobile, JayData. It seems to me like it’ll be a good fit for the KO ViewModels.

In specific I’d like to use THIS version of it.

One thing I could not find are disadvantages for using this pattern, is it because there aren’t any (I find it hard to believe)?

What should i consider before starting to use it?


I read the article that @nemesv referenced me to (Thanks :)) and I thinks there is one more disadvantage that was not mentioned, so I thought I’d add it here for reference. Here is a quote from the article:


A disadvantage of this pattern is that if a private function refers to a public function, that public function can’t be overridden if a patch is necessary. This is because the private function will continue to refer to the private implementation and the pattern doesn’t apply to public members, only to functions.

Public object members which refer to private variables are also subject to the no-patch rule notes above.

As a result of this, modules created with the Revealing Module pattern may be more fragile than those created with the original Module pattern, so care should be taken during usage.

And my addition:

You can’t use inheritance with this pattern. For example:

var Obj = function(){
    //do some constructor stuff

var InheritingObj = function(){
    //do some constructor stuff

InheritingObj.prototype = new Obj();

InheritingObj.prototype.constructor = InheritingObj;

This a simple example for inheritance in js, but when using the Revealing Prototype Pattern you’ll need to do this:

InheritingObj.prototype = (function(){
    //some prototype stuff here

which will override you inheritance.

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