SignalR multi user live chat desynchronisation

I have a live chat in which multiple people would be connected simultaneously. All public messaging works fine, but sometimes private messaging to a specific id doesn’t work. I believe i narrowed it down to when people disconnected and reconnected that they connected to a different instance (perhaps IIS had recycled and started a new hub). I thought I had fixed it, but I haven’t and now I’m here because I’m stuck. What I thought would fix it was changing the connection variable within the startChat() function to refresh it with the correct information. This is a cut down version of the code, as I didnt thing the rest would be necesary.

Issue is that when connected to signalR recipients of a message directly to them doean’t come through, even though the chat Id it’s being sent to it correct. Possible hub/socket mismatch?

var chat = $.connection.chatHub;

$(document).ready(function () {
    // Start the chat connection.

    //restart chat if disconnected
    $.connection.hub.disconnected(function () {
        setTimeout(startChat(), 5000);

    $.connection.hub.error(function (error) {
        $('#messagebar').html('Chat ' + error + '. If this message doesn't go away, refresh your page.');

    chat.client.addToChat = function (response) {
        $('#chat-' + response.Type).prepend(response.Message);

function startChat() {
    chat = $.connection.chatHub;
    $.connection.hub.start().done(function () {
        //get recent chat from db and insert to page.
        //also saves user's chat id to their user for lookup when private messaging
            method: 'POST',
            url: '/api/Chat/SetupChat/'

        $('#messagebar').html('Connected to chat.');

Any help appreciated, Thanks.


Not sure exactly how your message is going missing, but you should send messages to a User instead of by connection id. This way you be able to identify on the server that a User has at least one connection, and send messages to all connections for that User. if a given connection id is no longer valid, but another one is (because the client has refreshed the page for example) the message wont be lost.

From the docs

The user identifier for a connection can be accessed by the Context.UserIdentifier property in the hub.

public Task SendPrivateMessage(string user, string message)
    return Clients.User(user).SendAsync("ReceiveMessage", message);

Not sure how this relates exactly to your server code, but you could add it if you’re unclear how to progress.

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