sort object properties and JSON.stringify

My application has a large array of objects, which I stringify and save them to the disk. Unfortunately, when the objects in the array are manipulated, and sometimes replaced, the properties on the objects are listed in different orders (their creation order?). When I do JSON.stringify() on the array and save it, a diff shows the properties getting listed in different orders, which is annoying when trying to merge the data further with diff and merging tools.

Ideally I would like to sort the properties of the objects in alphabetical order prior to performing the stringify, or as part of the stringify operation. There is code for manipulating the array objects in many places, and altering these to always create properties in an explicit order would be difficult.

Suggestions would be most welcome!

A condensed example:

obj = {};"X"; obj.os="linux";
obj = {}; obj.os="linux";"X";

The output of these two stringify calls are different, and showing up in a diff of my data, but my application doesn’t care about the ordering of properties. The objects are constructed in many ways and places.


The simpler, modern and currently browser supported approach is simply this:

JSON.stringify(sortMyObj, Object.keys(sortMyObj).sort());

However, this method does remove any nested objects that aren’t referenced and does not apply to objects within arrays. You will want to flatten the sorting object as well if you want something like this output:


You can do that with this:

var flattenObject = function(ob) {
    var toReturn = {};
    for (var i in ob) {
        if (!ob.hasOwnProperty(i)) continue;
        if ((typeof ob[i]) == 'object') {
            var flatObject = flattenObject(ob[i]);
            for (var x in flatObject) {
                if (!flatObject.hasOwnProperty(x)) continue;
                toReturn[i + '.' + x] = flatObject[x];
        } else {
            toReturn[i] = ob[i];
    return toReturn;
var myFlattenedObj = flattenObject(sortMyObj);
JSON.stringify(myFlattenedObj, Object.keys(myFlattenedObj).sort());

To do it programmatically with something you can tweak yourself, you need to push the object property names into an array, then sort the array alphabetically and iterate through that array (which will be in the right order) and select each value from the object in that order. “hasOwnProperty” is checked also so you definitely have only the object’s own properties. Here’s an example:

var obj = {"a":1,"b":2,"c":3};

function iterateObjectAlphabetically(obj, callback) {
    var arr = [],
    for (i in obj) {
        if (obj.hasOwnProperty(i)) {

    for (i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
        var key = obj[arr[i]];
        //console.log( obj[arr[i]] ); //here is the sorted value
        //do what you want with the object property
        if (callback) {
            // callback returns arguments for value, key and original object
            callback(obj[arr[i]], arr[i], obj);

iterateObjectAlphabetically(obj, function(val, key, obj) {
    //do something here

Again, this should guarantee that you iterate through in alphabetical order.

Finally, taking it further for the simplest way, this library will recursively allow you to sort any JSON you pass into it:

var stringify = require('json-stable-stringify');
var obj = { c: 8, b: [{z:6,y:5,x:4},7], a: 3 };



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