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I have an HTML FORM requesting the name of a movie to search for, and a JavaScript function which takes that name passed as a query parameter (after a ?) on a reinvocation of the page URL and compares it against a database (read with AJAX). The problem is that special characters are being translated on input to %nn, so they don’t match the names in the database. For example, when I read the user input of “airplane!” with “title = window.location.search” I receive “airplane%21”. How can I defeat or correct this behavior, or am I going to have to translate every %nn in my JavaScript routine? Thank you. (Page reference: https://acb.org/adp/findavideo.html)

Arggh! Not 2 seconds after I posted this, someone sent me an answer offline: “title = decodeURIComponent(title)” does the trick. Hope this helps someone else.


You can try decode the value before use it, for example:

decodeURIComponent('%21'); // "!"
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