Split string based on parentheses in javascript

I have a string like below.

And i need to split above string like this.

I have tried following regex. But i have no luck.

/[ .:;?!~,`"&|^((.*))$<>{}[]rn/\]+/

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


You can match all up to the first ( and then all between that first ( and the ) that is at the end of the string, and use

const [_, one, two] = "Sum(Height(In))".match(/^([^()]+)((.*))$/);
console.log(`The first value is: ${one}, the second is ${two}`);

See the regex demo. If the last ) is not at the end of string you can remove the $ end of string anchor. If there can be line breaks inside, replace .* with [wW]*.

Regex details:

  • ^ – start of string
  • ([^()]+) – Group 1: one or more chars other than ( and )
  • ( – a ( char
  • (.*) – Group 2: any zero or more chars other than line break chars, as many as possible (* is greedy)
  • ) – a ) char
  • $ – end of string.

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