Storing Variables Across Multiple Pages With localStorage? Code Answer

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I’m making an engineering simulator, and I want to be able to have multiple things you can choose from. On the first page, I have radio buttons:

<div id="radiobuttons" class="container" name="buttons" align=center>

  <h2>I Want my Building to be Made of:</h2>

      <input type="radio" id="brick-option" name="material" value="1" onClick="choose('Bricks')">
      <label for="brick-option">Bricks</label>

      <div class="check"></div>

      <input type="radio" id="wood-option" name="material" value="3" onClick="choose('Wood')">
      <label for="wood-option">Wood</label>

      <div class="check">
        <div class="inside"></div>

      <input type="radio" id="stone-option" name="material" value="2" onClick="choose('Stone')">
      <label for="stone-option">Stone</label>

      <div class="check">
        <div class="inside"></div>

Then, on the second page, I want to have a slider:

    <form oninput="output.value = Math.round(range.valueAsNumber / 1)">
        Choose the Height of Your Building
      <div class="range">
        <input name="range" type="range" min="0" max="100" onchange="rangeValue=this.value;my2Function()">
        <div class="range-output">
          <output id="output" class="output" name="output" for="range">

I want both pages to affect the same variable, chanceofdeath. I would think that you use localStorage, but I’m not sure, and I don’t know how to do it. Can you give me a few lines of code?


You can store value of chanceofdeath variable like this:

localStorage.setItem("chanceofdeath", chanceofdeath);

Then you can get value like this:

var value = localStorage.getItem("chanceofdeath");

Here is a little example:jsfiddle

To see localStorage content please follow these steps:

  1. Simply open the Developer Tools by pressing F12.

2)Click on the Application tab and you will see localStorage's content.

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