String dates comparison in javascript

So, I have two variables and one function:

 function addDays(date, days) {
    var result = new Date(date);
    result.setDate(result.getDate() + days);
    return result;
 const dateToCompare=moment.utc(endDate).format('DD-MM-YYYY')
 const maximum=moment.utc(addDays(new Date(),14)).format('DD-MM-YYYY')

However, I do not know how to compare them, since they are now formatted as strings, but at the same time new Date(dateToCompare) doesn’t work.

Can someone give me a hint?


Why are you using built–in methods to add days when you are using moment.js? Consider:

let maximum = moment.utc().add('day',14).format('DD-MM-YYYY')

To set a date to the start of a day, use the moment.js startOf method:

let maximum = moment.utc().add('day',14).startOf('day')
let dateToCompare = moment.utc(endDate).startOf('day')

You can compare the dates as strings if formatted as YYYY-MM-DD, or just leave them as moment objects and compare those using isSame, isAfter, isSameOrBefore, etc.

When parsing strings as in:

const dateToCompare=moment.utc(endDate)

you should always pass the format to parse unless endDate is a Date or moment object. new Date(dateToCompare) doesn’t work because Why does Date.parse give incorrect results?