the best way to build a Business Application in .NET [closed]

We are building a new Business Application using .NET technologies. First we started looking at some Javascript frameworks as we are basically converting a windows app to a web app so we thought using JS would give the same user experience as win forms.
We looked at many including Angular (no rich controls), KendoUI and WIJMO but ended up writing lots of JS and our prototype project became complicated as we used the SPA (Single page application) approach.

Is there is a way to get the simplicity of ASP.NET MVC and the great user experience of JS frameworks? Has anyone had any experience with building a Business Application? What are the recommendations?



Yes, we use a mixture of these technologies and a simple eventing strategy for communication between the server/client

  • SignalR – for a persistent event pipe (transport)
  • Angular – DOM manipulation/data binding
  • Bootstrap – Great starting point.
  • MVC – awesome asset pipe-lining in .net, allows for the bundling of lots of js files into one, and partials allow for sane management of a very componentized page structure.
  • TypeScript – at scale js is very hard to maintain, refactor and debug, typescript removes an entire class of run-time errors and allows for very good code completion and refactoring tools in Visual Studio with ReSharper.

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