toFixed(2) rounds “x.525” inconsistently?

I’m experiencing rounding errors when using toFixed:

I used toFixed(2) on my numeric value calculations, but the rounding results are not as expected for few cases.

Suppose that toFixed(2) is applied for value 17.525 then it gives the result 17.52, And if it is applied for 5.525 then it gives the result 5.53.

In the later case the rounding result is accurate, so can you please suggest what needs to be done to get the accurate rounding result as in the later case. Or can you please suggest an alternative to this toFixed function to get correct rounding results?


Floating point inaccuracy means that most numbers ending .525 are actually .52500..1, and others are .5249999…..

Which way the value rounds depends on whether the closest actual representation in IEEE-754 floating point is above or below the desired value.