TypeScript Web-Based IDE [closed]

Given the fact that TypeScript is Open Source, is this Web-Based IDE also available as a tool that can be downloaded anywhere?

I’m developing a web application in which the client can write a user-defined expression (with user-defined variables and predefined methods) which is evaluated, compiled and used at runtime on the server using C# .Net. Using TypeScript and its wonderful web-based editor’s features like syntax or error highlighting, code completion, method signature suggestion, etc, saves me lots of trouble in the user interface.

So is this editor also part of TypeScript? If not, is there any other open source solutions with similar capabilities?


Update 2017: The Monaco editor used in the TypeScript Playground has been made available on GitHub.

You can also take a look at Visual Studio Code, for a more out-of-browser experience.

There is also a TypeScript editor build on the ACE Editor, which is also on GitHub.

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