I am trying to programmatically connect to my AWS EKS cluster using the official k8s JavaScript Client. I wanted to try and use loadFromOptions(), instead of loadFromDefault(). So, from the README.md of the library repo, I was able to come up with the following

const k8s = require('@kubernetes/client-node');
const kc = new k8s.KubeConfig();

const cluster = {
    name: 'NAME',
    server: 'SERVER',
const user = {
    name: 'NAME',
    exec: {
        apiVersion: 'client.authentication.k8s.io/v1alpha1',
        args: [
        command: 'aws',
        env: [
                name: 'AWS_PROFILE',
                value: 'NAME'
const context = {
    name: 'NAME',
    user: user.name,
    cluster: cluster.name,

    clusters: [cluster],
    users: [user],
    contexts: [context],
    currentContext: context.name,

const k8sApi = kc.makeApiClient(k8s.CoreV1Api);

k8sApi.listNamespacedPod('default').then((res) => {

But unfortunately, I am hit with this error, where am I going wrong?



The error message is complaining that it does not know the cluster’s certificate issuer.
Your cluster object needs one of the following properties to specify the certificate authority:

  • caFile: Filename containing the certificate authority
  • caData: Base64-encoded contents of the certificate authority file

According to the AWS documentation, you should be able to retrieve the certificate authority as “the certificateAuthority.data that was created for your cluster”.

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