Update data many-to-many in typeorm express

i tried both .save and .update but it cause an error, –in the case of .save it return error: the value of a duplicate key breaks the unique constraint –in .update case it return error: the “userId” column of the “user” relation does not exist

note: i have 2 tables role and user and the association user_role

 //Many-to-many relation with user
  @ManyToMany((type) => User, (user) => user.roles)
  users: User[];

//Many-to-many relation with role
  @ManyToMany((type) => Role, {
    cascade: true,
    name: "users_roles",
    joinColumn: { name: "userId", referencedColumnName: "id" },
    inverseJoinColumn: { name: "roleId" }
  roles: Role[];

the source code is : /* exemple of data entity2 = { username: ‘user8’, password: ‘user8’, firstname: ‘test’, lastname: ‘tt’, email: ‘[email protected]’, company: 18, roles: [ { id: 62 }, { id: 63 } ] } */

  let entity = await this.userRepository.create(data.payload);

            let entity2 = { ...entity, roles: data.payload.selectedRoles }
            const user = await this.userRepository.save(entity2);
          /*const user = await this.userRepository.update(id, entity2);*/

            //todo we need to serialize the user
            // return only what we need like username , email, ...etc not password!!!!
            return { success: true, user: SanitizeUser(user) };


I did findone then .save, 1st get the data to update using data= this.userRepository.findOne(id) then you can apply userRepository.save(data) to this data. for example :

const userUpdated = await this.userRepository.findOne(id)
      let dataUpdated = {
        username: data.payload.username,
        firstname: data.payload.firstname,
        lastname: data.payload.lastname,
        email: data.payload.email,
        company: data.payload.selectedCompany,
        roles: data.payload.selectedRoles

      const user = await this.userRepository.save(dataUpdated);

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