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I need to take the date value from jquery datepicker turn it into string format “MM/dd/yyyy” so it can do the right ajax post. When the page loads or upon changing the datepicker, a jquery ajax call is made.

I have this code:

var sTimestamp =

But it doesn’t turn it into “MM/dd/yyyy”. When I use fiddler to check what is sent down the wire, this is the body:


If I use the compose in fiddler and change the body to:


I get the right response. So, my question is, is there a way to take a date object and format it to a string “MM/dd/yyyy” using moment.js? Or is there something wrong with the way I get the date from datepicker?

Btw, I am assuming that datepicker.getDate returns a date object since that’s what the jQuery docs tell me.

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I think you just have incorrect casing in the format string. According to the documentation this should work for you: MM/DD/YYYY

moment.js documentation

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