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I’m using Node ( to parse a YAML configuration files which looks like so:

  - name: item 1
    value: 25
  - name: item 2
    value: 25
  - name: item 3
    value: 50

What I’d like to do is assert the value numbers all add up to 100 when parsing the document.

Should I be running this validation after parsing the YAML


data = YAML.parse(recipe)

Or is there a better way of doing this using the YAML library directly when loading the document?

Thanks in advance for your help!


You’re better of parsing the YAML first, then going through the resulting data. So, in this case, the parsed data would look something like:

data = {
    items: [
        {name: 'item 1', value: 25},
        {name: 'item 2', value: 25},

So, you can just loop through the values:

let total = 0; => {
    total += item.value;

if (total !== 100) {
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