Variable lost after entering a while loop

The code:

     * Converts all numbers in text from old unit to new unit
     * @param {string} Text Text that will be converted
     * @param {string} UnitName Name of current unit
     * @param {string} NewUnitName Name of the new unit
     * @param {function} UnitConvertFunc Function that takes current unit float and returns new unit float
     * @return {string} Text with all old unit floats replaced by new unit floats
function ReplaceUnit(Text,UnitName,NewUnitName,UnitConvertFunc) {
        let NewText = "";
        let lastUnitTextIndex = -UnitName.length;

        let unitTextIndex = Text.toLowerCase().indexOf(UnitName);
        let unitTextFragment = Text.slice(lastUnitTextIndex+UnitName.length, unitTextIndex)
        lastUnitTextIndex = unitTextIndex;

        console.log(unitTextFragment) //ok
        while (unitTextIndex!=-1) {
            console.log(unitTextFragment) //ERROR: variable is not initialized!!!
            let i = 0;

            while (i < unitTextFragment.length)
                let firstDigitPos;
                let lastDigitPos;
                for (i; ;i++) { //Searches for first digit symbol
                    if (i == unitTextFragment.length) { 
                        console.log(`${DebugText}no Number found before "${UnitName}" text: ${unitTextFragment}`);
                        break LfragmentLoop;
                    if (isFloatNumber(unitTextFragment[i])) break;  

                firstDigitPos = i;

                for (i+=1;i < unitTextFragment.length; i++) {
                    if (isFloatNumber(unitTextFragment[i])) lastDigitPos = i;
                    else break;

                let UnitNumber = unitTextFragment.slice(firstDigitPos,lastDigitPos+1);

                unitTextFragment = unitTextFragment.slice(0,firstDigitPos) + UnitConvertFunc(UnitNumber) + unitTextFragment.slice(lastDigitPos+1);



            NewText+=unitTextFragment + NewUnitName;
            let unitTextIndex = Text.toLowerCase().indexOf(UnitName, NewText.length+UnitName.length);
            if (unitTextIndex==-1) break;
            let unitTextFragment = Text.slice(lastUnitTextIndex+UnitName.length, unitTextIndex)
            lastUnitTextIndex = unitTextIndex;

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I’m shocked, why does this happen?

It looks like my post is mostly code, but I don’t know what more details can I add. Descriptions of my actions aimed at solving the problem are useless, because thanks to them I found a specific point where something is wrong, and I can’t imagine what can be written incorrectly in one line of the while-loop opening. I tried to include ‘-1’ in quotation marks, it didn’t change anything


You have this line in the outer loop, near the end of it:

let unitTextFragment = Text.slice(lastUnitTextIndex+UnitName.length, unitTextIndex)

This means you define a new variable, with block scope: its scope is the body of the while loop. Due to the hoisting rules, it will not be defined in the first iteration of that loop (look up: What is the temporal dead zone?).

Solution: remove let.