Vue export import async await stops

I use Vue and have a method in load.js.

async function loadTask(x) {
  return await x; // Some async code

export { loadTask };

In a Vue component I call it but the await prevent the <template> to load. Without the await, the code below runs. What do I miss?

<script setup>
import { loadTask } from './methods/load.js';
const test = loadTask(3);
console.log(await test);
  <div>Does not run</div>


According to the documentation:

async setup() must be used in combination with Suspense, which is currently still an experimental feature. We plan to finalize and document it in a future release – but if you are curious now, you can refer to its tests (opens new window)to see how it works.

Vue <script setup> Top level await causing template not to render

So if you have async setup you have to import this component in parent like that:

import { defineAsyncComponent } from "vue";

export default {
  components: {
    HelloWorld: defineAsyncComponent(() =>

And use it in template wrapped in suspense:

    <template #default>
      <HelloWorld />
    <template #fallback>