VueJS select placeholder does not display with v-model not empty

here my code :

<b-field style="display:inline-block;width:calc(90% / 4);" label="Par Filiale">
        <b-select placeholder="Choix de la filiale" v-model="searchFiliale">
            <option :value="null" disabled>Sélectionner une filiale</option>
            <option :value="''"></option>
                v-for="filiale in listServicesPartenairesFiliales.filiales"
                {{ }}

And the datas :

data() {
        return {
            searchFiliale: this.$root.getParamUrl('filiale') || '',

The problem is that the placeholder of b-select does not display because searchFiliale is not empty or null. Do you have an alternative to keep searchFiliale in v-model like here but with the good placeholder ? Thank you !


I finally found a temporary solution :

<option :value="''" disabled selected>Choisir une filiale</option>

It’s not a real placeholder but it’s the same effect.

If you have another solution I am interested.