What is the correct syntax inside the src property in a img tag for a mapped json file using ReactJS?

I want to import some images from a local JSON file to my component. I want them to match with the data that I fetch from the API.

My JSON file is:

    "id": 1,
    "dwarf": "/assets/races/dwarf.png",
    "slug": "dwarf"
    "id": 2,
    "elf": "/assets/races/elf.png",
    "slug": "elf"

I have this for mapping the JSON file:

                {images.map((item, index) => (
                        <img src={`item.${data.slug}`} />
                        <img src={item.dwarf} />

{data.slug} is fetched from the API and matches the property name that I pass to each image inside the JSON file. When I insert <img src={item.dwarf} />, I have the image displayed, but it is the same for all. When I insert <img src={`item.${data.slug}`} />, the image is not displayed and at the console it shows <img src="item.dwarf"> <img src="item.elf">, instead of the image. What is the syntax to make use of the {data.slug} replacing each name and displaying the image?


You can use bracket notation to dynamically access object properties. It looks like this:

const obj = { foo: 123, bar: 321 }

const propName = 'foo'
const prop = obj[propName]

console.log(prop) // output: 123

So in your case:

<img src={item[item.slug]} />