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Why in my site I see white nodes between element in particular plugin?

It is a WordPress and this white spaces are between element, I want to delete it but with DOM I can’t select it. I try to change theme and the plugin run perfectly, so I think it’s a problem of theme but I can’t change it.

So how I can fix? Can I delete/hide it with CSS/JavaScript/jQuery? If I use Inspector and click ‘use in console’ it show some information:

assignedSlot: null
childNodes: NodeList []
data: "n        "
firstChild: null
isConnected: true
lastChild: null
length: 9
nextElementSibling: null
nextSibling: null
nodeName: "#text"
nodeType: 3
nodeValue: "n        "
textContent: "n        "
wholeText: "n        "

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The whites nodes are created by text data between the start and end tags of the elements nodes, your text data is ¨/n ¨, new line and white spaces, if you want hide these whites nodes you must remove each text child node using removeChild(text_node) method from parent element_node, or do not create text data(¨/n ¨) inside elements from source document. Example of text data inside document.

<TITLE> A Simple Page </TITLE>
<P ID=”paragraph1”>
 This is the <--! For example this line is Text Data for P element --> 
<EM ID=”emphasis1”>
 one and only  <--! This line is Text Data for EM element -->
 paragraph on the page.  <--! This line ii  Text Data for P element --> /P> 

Example to remove text nodes inside parent element node. Remove only inmediate text child nodes from element parent node:

function Remove_TextNode(parent_node) {
 for (i = 0 ; i < parent_node.childNodes.length; i++) {
    if (parent_node.childNodes.item(i).nodeName =="#text"){
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